Friday, June 4, 2010

Enjoy your green space

One of the things i feel most frustrated about in Beirut is the lack of green spaces. The urban planning of the city includes very little accommodation of public green spaces where you can relax and chill.
I especially felt this lack after living in Paris for a while. So when the time came, Nadine Feghaly and I collaborated on this public intervention to express our disagreement with the lack of the "urban-green" !

The public intervention was up since 6am this morning, on friday june 4th 2010, for World's Environment Day. In 9 spots around Beirut, the installations shout our call for change.

Check it out for yourself ! Here's a map of the 9 spots in Beirut.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The insides are outside: Etapes and Wad

It's interesting to note that both spring issues of the french magazines Etapes and Wad chose to display the inside of a human body on their covers!
While one is a painting of a female and the other is a photograph of a male body; still in spring, the insides are outside !