Saturday, November 19, 2011

Permanent Breakfast in Beirut

Have you heard of the Permanent Breakfast ?

The idea was born in May 1996 a group of artists around Friedemann derschmidt began to breakfast in public places.
The idea is quite simple and catching: one person invites to breakfast in an open public space . The invited persons commit themselves to invite to a public breakfast on the next possible date.
I was first introduced to the concept by Adriana Young while she was in Beirut.

So on November 12th, six friends gathered around Labneh, Zaatar Manakich, and yummy foul and Balila, on the rare surviving public in Beirut: Ramlet el Baida.

We celebrated the use of public space in the city and celebrated our Scorpio birthdays on a sunny November morning with kites and Poi !

Definitely something' I'll do again !
Organize yours soon; anyone can !
Check out the blog for inspiration :

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Video LCD screens

I've been thinking: How legal are those video LCD screens ?
Are their placements always safe ? I got that thought when, at night on the highway, my attention was more drawn to the movement in those shiny billboards then the road.
Don't get me wrong, they could be very interesting, and in traffic, they 're priceless ! But I'm just questioning the safety part.
And anyway, some of the ads are static for the moment. Guys, if you're paying twice/triple the price to put your ad on an LCD, at least put the effort in animating it. Sometimes, the smallest movement gives a great effect. Check out these cinemagraphs ! They're the way to go !

A good reason to leave your car at home

Today's Car free day in Tripoli.
It's a great initiative and hopefully we can see it organized in Beirut as well.

One (out of many!!) of the good reasons to leave your cars at home ?
We're starting to run out of spaces to park in the city! So choose to leave the stress at home for a day or two..