Sunday, November 13, 2011

Video LCD screens

I've been thinking: How legal are those video LCD screens ?
Are their placements always safe ? I got that thought when, at night on the highway, my attention was more drawn to the movement in those shiny billboards then the road.
Don't get me wrong, they could be very interesting, and in traffic, they 're priceless ! But I'm just questioning the safety part.
And anyway, some of the ads are static for the moment. Guys, if you're paying twice/triple the price to put your ad on an LCD, at least put the effort in animating it. Sometimes, the smallest movement gives a great effect. Check out these cinemagraphs ! They're the way to go !


  1. My Thoughts exactly. These things are dangerous. I almost bumped into a car the other day while getting distracted by these LED displays.

  2. yeah. they may be a safety hazard. but there is so much more that is distracting drivers in Beirut. Not to mention drunk driving... You probably should run an ad on the Monitors that says : "Watch the Road" or "Stay Focused" or "Make a right here" ... you're the creative one, think of something :)

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