Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No smoking signs

It's only recently that i noticed the huge variety of no smoking signs !
Since the message was conveyed quickly from the sign, i didn't stop to look at each detail : the form of the cigarette,its position and direction, the representation of flames...

So, even if the cigarette is represented by a simple rectangle, hollow or filed, red or black, thin or thick, a cylinder pointed to the left or the right, the flames being represented through two lines or three or even in curves, even if the red circles isn't always used, the message is always there.


  1. wonderful blog
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  2. real observative Dim
    had never noticed it.
    u'd think with all the fuss about the issure, they'd make an official sign...guess not

  3. i wonder if there is a psychological expalination behind it, like which sign u choose to display reveals something about ur personality aw shee