Monday, June 1, 2009

Non smoking flight ?

While on the lookout for my earlier post about no smoking signs, i came across this bathroom door on the Air France plane. Puzzling ! On the top you can see a no smoking sign, and on the bottom a sign that indicates where to put off your cigarettes !Can we choose which one to follow if both of them are valid ?


  1. guess they dont change their doors much, eh?!

  2. Although flights are non-smoking nowadays, provisions are still made for smoking passengers, like for example the smoking/non-smoking light on overhead panels... In this photo, the sign on top says no smoking in the lavatories (guessing that) and the ones at the bottom show where to put off your cigarettes before entering, should you be smoking :)
    Lavatories ("toilets", or "bathrooms" as you wrote :) ) contain smoke detectors, therefore smoking is forbidden inside even when smoking is allowed in the rest of the airplane.
    But that is useless nowadays on normal passenger flights since they've became totally non-smoking. But it could be useful for special flights, or should they sell the aircraft as a private jet, the new owner wont have to change the stickers :)