Friday, July 31, 2009

Place de l'Europe

Place de l'Europe is situated in the 8th district of Paris, and where most of the streets are named after big european cities. Mostly; yes ! because one of the streets intrigued me.

I walked around in the area; from Stockholm to London.. (Amsterdam, Londres, Liège, Dublin, Athènes, Rome, Turin, Milan, Moscou, Budapest, Stockholm, Berne,Vienne,Saint Petersbourg, Madrid, Bucarest..).. and rue de Constantinople (Istambul now, capital of turkey) ! A street name that doesn't fit (yet?) in place de l'Europe ?

The negotiations are open, let's see what happens in 2015 and if Turkey will enter the European Union.
Anyway, rue de Constantinople will stay in Europe, in Paris !


  1. Wow, cool, very political DeeB... heheh

    But they actually didn't put Istanbul... it would be have been weird... it's just a tribute to Constantinople... so it would actually be the same if they had Rue de Lutèce I guess...

    It must have taken quite a while to find all these street names... Bravo... Proud of my Sista


  2. went there to take the pictures!
    so didnt take that much time actually! ;)

  3. I guess it's just a reminder for the visit there of the greek goddess Europe, during some vacation, when she wanted to be out of homeland to be out of business 8P!!!
    Nice to follow your blog Dima ;) see you when you find!?!

  4. Thanks erwan! i'm looking, i'm looking!