Saturday, February 20, 2010


The municipality must have noticed that multiplying road signs or even writing SPEED LIMIT on them didn't make Lebanese drivers more sensitive and aware on the road.

So they decided on the highway before Dora (Lebanon) to blow the signs up and make them almost twice larger!!! ((new size on the right in the picture).
The signs desperately scream: Hey you blind driver ! notice me ! I'm in your face now !

Will size matter now?


  1. I guess it's because all the ads you see on the road hijack the focus of the drivers, so it's a fight for the signs to be seen.
    I envision the signs getting even bigger as the ads around them grow and get bolder too, and the municipality buying building facades to post speed limits on them...

  2. i have a question.
    the speed limit is 80 km/h?
    that does not look like a highway to me. well then again, all the streets in lebanon will look like alleys now that I have been in the US for two years.

  3. It is the highway between Sukleen and Mc Donalds Dora !

  4. I still can't see it...

    Michel B

  5. yeah maybe they make them larger hoping that the lebenese drivers will abide by them. needless to they know that the lebanese will never conform to road signs unfortunately.

    but anyway some of these road signs and spped limits do not make any sense.

    to enforce speed limits, they should install cameras and speed detectors and start sending people fines. but i think the first thing that should be done in lebanon is the postcode system. every home should have a postcode