Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scientifically accurate bathroom sign

Statistically**, men are taller than women, and the bathroom sign at GLION university in Switzerland decided to portray that exactly !

** as seen on this website. (one of many )

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  1. Hello DeeB, it's me. My name is Anonymous. I'm too poor to have a Google and ''correctly'' post a comment on ur blog.

    But I give you a hint on who I might be.
    I'm your brother.....

    Technically that wasn't Glion, it was where we had our graduation. So I don't like that post! hehhehe

    3am bemzah :)

    by the way, u are an inspiration. Last time I saw something on the street worthy of being on your blog. Bass halla2 nseet wat it was.

    But what I mean is that u are an inspiration because I do look more around me! wouhouwww


    ur frero